Meet Heike Stroup @ "The Madison Salon" in Clarksville, TN.

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Originally from Europe, Heike acquired her specialized Cosmetology training in Germany. Amongst Hair Salons in Germany, Heike also worked as a licensed creative Hairstylist
in San Francisco, Colorado Springs and in Clarksville, TN. 
Over 25 years of Stylist's experience !
Fully Customizing Your Personalized Hairstyle, is what Heike's work is all about.  
Appointments: Wednesdays - Friday 10am - 6pm ,  Saturday 10am - 4pm

 Walk-ins Welcome.      Making an appointment in advance is appreciated.
 Is your Hair not Long or Full enough ? 
Heike is Clarksville's Hair Extension Specialist ! Come in for a Free Consultation.

Human Hair Extensions, the revolutionary Fourth Dimension of Hair Design, will put instant length and volume into your existing hair.

Whether you have baby-fine hair and have dreamed of more hair all your life, or your hair has thinned over the years and you want thicker hair that will make you look 20 years younger, 
human hair extensions can be the answer to your prayers.

If you have admired long hair and your own hair is simply too short, hair extensions offer the instant solution. Maybe you have wanted a thick, fuller style and you already have enough length, 
extensions can be added for volume only.

The transformation from 'Before' to 'After' human hair extensions is amazing ! 
The human hair wefts are customized to match the client's own hair color and texture. 
This makes them virtually undetectable and the finished hair style looks absolutely natural.

Human hair extensions are attached by creating micro-braids in your hair and sewing the hair wefts onto those braided tracks. Safe attachments like this, will maintain the health and condition of your own hair while you experience the luxury of a style created just for You.

Hair Extensions do need Maintenance !
Depending upon the rate at which your hair grows,
the hair wefts will have to be removed / re-attached every 2-3 month.

The cost for this service is likely more reasonably priced than you imagine ! 
Give me a call, Madison Salon 931-551-7707, Cell 931-801-9001 
or email Heike Stroup for more information and/or to schedule a free consultation. 

On the right: Hair Extensions Created by Heike Stroup
4 rows of 18 inch, 2 tone blond, High Quality 100% Human Hair, attached by using
The Braid and Sew Technic. 
Many types, colors, length and textures available.  Get Your Free Consultation,
Contact Heike Stroup, 931-801-9001 / GoldenR01@aol.com
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2214 Madison Street, Clarksville, TN 37043
Salon # 931-551-7707 / Cell # 931-801-9001